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Attn.Prof. Dr. Christine Schirrmacher

Baumschulenallee 3 a

53115 Bonn

Luebeck, 30 August 2016

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Appeal for Help/ Your Letter of 19 August 2016  

The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Prof. Dr. C. Schirrmacher, Dear Sir or Madam,

Today I have again received a letter combined with small gifts and am of course very disappointed that the people of today are not only mentally ill, but that a general mental derangement is already spreading, because otherwise it is no longer comprehensible why and why still people have to live in such distress, since there has long since been a breakthrough in the matter and commission of the Lord and thus evidence of the Authority of my person as well as the Authority of two other called high-born persons should be authenticated.

30 August 2016

Possibly, in the matter and commission of the Lord, some persons will be published in their privacy, which, however, human can no longer control and will certainly not be the sole originator of these circuits via TV.

These (SAT) circuits will come from the Monumental Area, which is in the nature of the matter and which is an important indication for the further course of events in the matter.

It is certainly not pleasant to be paraded in front of millions of people, especially since it could presumably concern intimate areas of life, which my person has always reckoned with in the subconscious, but may even be lumped together with other people and their actions, which of course must not be. But there will be no more questions about that either!

Nevertheless, it is not understandable that for these or similar reasons the Authority of my person should have no validity and that children and young people should have to die for lack of help just because some person should be falsely or and publicly discriminated.

The only exceptions, in my opinion, may be very few men in this respect; these include first and foremost the Emperor, the King, my son, the Popes and many a true clergyman.

Otherwise, everyone must bow to the higher law, because normally life on earth would have been out of control long ago and certainly not worth living through various tourist visits from the hereafter and subsequently through a takeover!

Every person concerned should bear this fact in mind and be glad that one can still decide freely as a human being and is still free in one's thoughts and actions.

No one is the judge of the other when these abysses open up and must open up, so that everyone recognises and sees the writing on the wall.

My person can say of heself that in the last phase of his life he still has a presentable life management account, which is what it is all about for every human being at the end of life, which most school-age children probably can no longer show in this form and which is to be taken very, very seriously!

In other words: No consideration needs to be given to my published or publicly made "stories" coming from the Monumental Area, because the truth will be on the way with me and among foreign cultures and networks there should still be enough time for it, the truth, which will be bound to my Monumental-Manager, is an important "transporter" in the matter and in the commission.

Moreover, I can certainly afford these unattractive publications, as my writings and my deeds will compensate for this, which is also not available to every person and also not to every highborn, but other values will be available.

On these planned cultural journeys, my person does not want to have to encounter anyone who is ill or dies for trivial reasons such as hunger or lack of medicines and or nutrients, vaccines, etc.!

Prostitution and child labour as well as mistreatment or killings in prisons and a lot more will also come up then, but before that at least abortion and hunger should be ended worldwide.

The billionaires, millionaires, etc., who will exist in every state, are obliged as the administrators of the money to provide immediate aid, but this aid, combined with long-term projects for a liveable future, should be integrated into a restructuring that requires intervention in the respective culture of the country, so that integration into central world affairs is made possible.

It should surely be possible for some world diplomats to take the current heads of state of the poorest countries in Africa and Asia into the boat and into the central world events without this being done by means of corruption.

First of all, however, the Christian churches are the bearers of life and your first point of contact, whereby the bell-bag will only be the drop in the ocean.

The churches should act immediately in case of urgency by making liquid the assets of the two large Christian churches, which my person has already urgently requested and called for.

Moreover, the Church is certainly aware in every state where and who the custodians of the funds are, in that these custodians are confronted with reality and called to act.

Should there be no voluntariness of the requested help and projects, then the name will be made public or recorded, so that the final account of the respective life will be according to the truth.

Should the Authority of my person alone not be recognised in this respect, then any call for help will already come too late.

For this reason, I must insert this letter in one of my homepages or treasure chests, so that other recognised organisations and all affected states also know to whom they must turn, namely to the church or directly to the overabundant ones, who are meant to be the administrators of the generated funds in the matter.

The bearer of the funds, in turn, has to deal with the diplomats of his or her respective country and inform them or directly contact the respective heads of state of the Third World if the basic conditions are met.

Thus, there are no conditions and demands that can be made by any person from any side, unless they are the called upon highborn in the number of three!

The alternative to this will probably first reveal itself only hintingly in the short term!

So I remain with kind Regards,

Ursula Sabisch

The World-Cultural-Heritage 

Das Weltkulturerbe