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Ursula Sabisch, Meesenring 4, 23466 Luebeck, Germany

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2516 AB Den Haag  

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                                              2016/June 27th                                                                                                    

Germany, Luebeck, 2010, January 28th/ 11.08.2019**


World Food Program/ Motto of the Year/

Please let **that German language writing be translated quite exactly and be handed over to the corresponding places worldwide. Or in other words: If the letter is too badly to unterstand, please, let the German letter be translated into your languages.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Sir or Madam,

You and others did not want to learn, did you?

You wanted to act ignorantly and helplessly and powerlessly, did you?

Did you or some of you want to wait and watch to find out how my person must struggle hard?

Did you want to make even further debts and did not want to pay back the old debts?

Did you want to exist further at the expense of both the Third World and coming generations and did not want voluntarily to set limits for yourselves correspondingly?

Are you not able either to find out or to understand, who has permitted overdraft facility to you?

You have never arranged any appropriate provisions for natural catastrophes and ecological disasters as ordered, have you?

The following resolution is issued to both you and all other "white" Christians worldwide:

Every light-skinned Christian, who has finished his 40th year of life, will be provided exclusively with pet food for at least four weeks.*

Every light-skinned Roman Catholic, who has finished his 38th year of life, is taken into the above mentioned procedure.

It is permitted that artificial regenerative preparations/ vitamins are added to animal food.

Exceptions to the procedure:

Every human being, who has brought himself into danger at the expensive of his time, health and strength or had brought into an even bad and / or even worse social condition to serve verifiably a good cause, is excluded from the above mentioned procedure.

Every human being who has verifiably inserted his good reputation and finances for the commission and that matter, is excluded from these above mentioned procedure.

Every human being, who had raised his descendants correspondingly, so that these fit the above mentioned exceptional cases, is also excluded from the above mentioned procedure.

Every human being, who is a Roman Catholic Clergyman, is excluded from the above mentioned procedure, unless he does not belong in fact to these elite.

Every human being, who has risen up a descendant from the mentioned category “Roman Catholic Clergyman”, is also excluded from these above mentioned procedure.

Every human being, who is already resident of a "simple" old people’s home and nursing home, is freed from the above mentioned procedure for the time being.

Every human being, who is already in captivity or stays in a mental institution (psychiatry) or in hospital, is freed from the above mentioned procedure for the time being.

Every human being, who was born with an intellectual handicap or has got an intellectual handicap through an accident or through a serious illness, is excluded from the above mentioned procedure.

Every female Christian, who carries to term a child, is freed from this above mentioned procedure for the time being.

Each doctor male or female and each teacher male or female is freed from this above mentioned procedure for the time being.

Every human being, who has not yet finished his 40th year of life and holds a leading position, is freed from the above mentioned procedure for the time being; yet it must be reckoned with it that the mentioned procedure will be applied, if the position of leadership will be removed un voluntary and will be given to a qualified one accordingly to his age from 50 years onward.

This above mentioned procedure will be carried out parallel to the relevant "domestic animal writing" of my person.

A local part at Luebeck and two other small towns Germany are freed from the procedure for the time being.

Dependents of first degree of your Authorities are excluded from the above mentioned procedure.

The guideline for exceptions reads as follows:

The one who has performed his services or his service, as he wanted to do it or could do it, but has not done it in the form as he should have must done or as it was necessary and is necessary, this human being is not an exception!

(For example a multimillionaire, who donates some million Dollars, is not an exception).

All other people will have at their disposal monthly a fixed limit for their basic needs, excluded are drugs for example, cigarettes or alcohol.

It is not allowed to have an impact on the above mentioned procedure as a degree of penalty. It is not permitted for the exception ones to give food to anybody, because it will be calculated very sparely for each human being!

If this should come about in spite of it, the person concerned will be called to account.

Carrying out by:

Two-way * invasion of the soldiers (UN soldiers)/ shotguns/ (panic-buying/ freezers/ cellars/ garages/ gardens/ motor vehicles and so forth.

..(*Germany / USA/ or Poland**

Adolescents of youth centers or admitted* occupants of prisons up to the age of 40 years will as agents of the execution also enter and search the apartments and storages of the population as agents of the execution.

· (*A repeating of a criminal action has to be excluded )


Everybody, who belongs into the execution of the sentence has watched knowingly and has silently tolerated as a baptized Christian on one hand, that the abundance of funds and luxury and on the other hand the periodical mass mortality through famines, illnesses, poverty or disasters progressed over decades.

Everybody, who belongs into the execution of the sentence has tolerated as a baptized Christian, that the coming generations will not have a decently basis for a normal and healthy life on disposal, since all values given to the human beings and all boundary values were disregarded or exceeded, so that already many children, adolescents and adults failed and are going to fail.

Among other things in addition that for example my person was and further is at risk to the maximum through the life conduct of other ones, so that the whole matter was and is repeatedly at stake.

I was not entitled furthermore by my status as Empress and therefore my person was and is again seriously at risk heal wise and financially.

For this reason the motto of the year 2010 and 2011* reads for all and each one:

The one who risks his life or will lose it in order to serve a good cause, will be able to win it!

Final justification:

Opposite to me especially many Luebecker citizens have acted towards me like half an animal that is concerned about its advantage.

As my person is going on in that matter for many years and the result is no useful resonance but ignorance or a play from the viewpoint of the population, an example will be set in Luebeck, which has already been appointed and which was established up to now.

Finally I would like to make that quite clear that great parts of the population prefer animals to the human being, so that the domestic animals could eat to their full and at the same time most dark- kinned people from the poorest areas had to face death because of this reason!!

When people undertake the behavior of animals, may it be through animal hormones in the food chain, through the psychological and intellectual communication with the animal, also in sexual respects, then one may not be surprised, if life mixes itself and begins with almost half an animal, propagates and develops itself, until it dies and then returns at the end of time, in what form so ever!

Among other things my task is it to make human beings of half an animals in order to restore the dignity of the human being and my task also consists in preserving the species of animals, in order to be able to build up an "entire" cycle of life, so that life is able to regenerate itself again, and is able to develop freely.

Closing words:

My implement will be the distribution of both food and drinking water, which means, that my person will reserve herself the authorization to hand over the food and drinking water for a time period to bind person groups and age-groups on the distribution of the pet food instead of foods and drinking water.

I will as well reserve the right to myself the amount of food worldwide that will be distributed.

If my mentioned requests will not yet fulfilled at the beginning of each week as from a special date, so that you will both steal my time and further my health becomes stressed, you and others will have been bounded correspondingly to pet food as compensation for a longer time!

The universal remedies according to the "dogma" are canceled with this!

(must be worked out) 2016*

Be clever and thankful that there is somebody, who can change the real revenge that will come upon mankind!

HP: If time still is sufficient and you and others have become "human being" again, then we together will carry out properly both the commission and the matter and according to our best knowledge and conscience leading to a decent end!

If you will not meet my authorized demands according to what I would have done and in the sense of the pretended commission and do not fulfill it properly to my satisfaction, then I will let throw you and others out of your villas, the houses, the luxury apartments and let freeze your accounts by means of my invisible Cudgel; in such a way that you and others become acquainted with what you had allowed to my person! (See Enactment Part II)

Both the control ………… Cudgel I hold ready for specific persons in the Meesenring,** (not more actual) because I will lead in person the tit-for-tat response.

Ursula Sabisch


2010-10-14 (At present it will be 41 weeks for the people mentioned above in the commission to be fed on animal food!)

There were enough billion dollars or euros for the criminal financial bank affairs, there is enough money for Greece, there are very many millionaires and billionaires staying at the expensive of both my person and that matter but always there is still no money and help for the    Third World    and that will correspondingly become very expensive for all of you, in this or in another way!

2011-04-14 At present it will be 70 weeks for the people mentioned above in the commission to be fed on animal food, no day and no hour less!!