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Viele Kinder warten auf Hilfe und

das seit Jahren.....


Many Children have been waiting for Help and that for Years.......


Ursula Sabisch, Brandenbaumer Landstraße 177, 23466 Lübeck, Germany


Washington DC


Germany, Lübeck,  2012,  March 8


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Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Mr.  C. L.,

I like to inform you, that you should be able to know the consequences of the hunger in the Third World.

At present there is help needed by over a million children in Niger, Thad, Burkina Faso and in five other countries as you can see from the UNICEF letter below.

Please, take your time to read a part of my homepages next to the UNICEF letter below, so that you should be able to find out, that it is not a joke rather a true enactment.

As members of the International Monetary Fund you should be able to act at once worldwide and both in the matter and in the commission.

The solution of many problems could be e. g. a worldwide solidarity tax in term of one percent (1%) adjusted to the salary of everybody, who earns net more than 1000 euros per month.

This rule is valid for your country and also for every other state worldwide.

None of the people mentioned will suffer or disadvantaged by contributions from one percent (1%) of his salary, on the contrary!

As a Christian one should start with the matter and commission at once.

Perhaps then other cultures will follow.

The problems of the world become bigger and not smaller, so that the poorest of the poor people do not have to pay the bill of the capitalistic States any longer!

You may not grant the money, because it is intended to be for an united culture Worldwide as you can see on my homepages.

Please, do not forget, that the document below” Enactment” is not a joke, rather a chance of changing the problems of the whole world.

Yours faithfully

Ursula Sabisch, Empress


March 15th 2012

My letter was grammatically corrected.