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Researchers have created embryos consisting of cells from two species: Rats and mice as well as pigs and humans. Such mixed creatures are to provide organs for transplants in the future.

It is forbidden in Switzerland to breed creatures that consist of both humans and animals. However, this is permitted in other countries for research purposes, for example in the USA.

Now, for the first time, researchers at the Salk Institute in California have succeeded in creating mixed creatures - so-called chimeras - from humans and pigs. They injected human stem cells into pig embryos a few days old, which they then implanted into female pigs.

The embryos developed for three to four weeks, after which they were killed and examined. In them, the researchers also found human cells that had multiplied and contributed to the formation of various tissues. The results were recently published in the scientific journal "Cell". "The long-term goal of this method is to grow human replacement organs for transplantation," says Jun Wu, stem cell researcher and lead author of the paper.

Organ from a mouse rat

This could actually be successful, as another study shows, which a Japanese research group published almost at the same time. The scientists created chimeras from rats and mice. To do this, they used rat embryos into which they injected mouse cells. The foreign cells grew into a pancreas in the rat.

The researchers proved that this actually works by transplanting it into mice suffering from diabetes and curing them of the disease.

Nikola Biller-Andorno understands that such experiments make many people uncomfortable.

She is head of the Institute for Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine at the University of Zurich. "The impression is quickly created that Frankenstein research is being conducted," she says. That's why it's important for scientists to communicate their results properly and participate in the public discussion, she says.

She considers the goal of using chimeras to produce replacement organs and help sick people to be ethically justifiable. But researchers must do everything possible to prevent the creation of beings with human characteristics - such as those with a human brain, hands or face. "Nobody wants to see a pig-man walking around, not even me," says Biller-Andorno. Therefore, he says, it must be ensured that human cells do not proliferate arbitrarily in an animal body, but only grow selectively in certain organs.

Human share low

According to the Californian researchers, they are already working on methods to prevent this. The figures from the current study show how far science is from real animal-human chimeras:

Of almost 1500 embryos that were implanted, only 186 grew in the uterus of the sows. And cells of human origin were found in only about half of them - albeit very few. The chimeras were still more than 99.9 percent pig.



Please also make sure that the people mentioned in the above newspaper article are informed about my person and the matter!

Ursula Sabisch

Luebeck, 10 February 2017

There are people who feel a connection to the divine and follow this track according to the given possibilities, whereby my person has publicly given proof in this respect.

Even if one is not connected to Christianity or if one is far away from this connection or has distanced oneself from it, every human being, regardless of which culture he or she comes from, has to correctly classify or subordinate himself or herself to the evidence provided!

Especially if one takes into account the rebirth of a human being in the cycle of life, whereby every great religion contains at least one truth, since great masses of people will not err so easily over the course of centuries, the human being as a spiritually highly developed being* should know that no experiments are to be made with the ignorance of the cycle of life!


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