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Wedding Vows


Does the Wedding Vow before  God has no Worth anymore?


Ursula Sabisch, Brandenbaumer Landstraße 177, 23566 Luebeck

To the Royal Danish Embassies 



                                     To the BRD Attn.Of  Mr. C. W.                                         

CC  Berlin and Worldwide

Castle Bellevue, Spreeweg 1

10557 Berlin


Luebeck, 2011, December


Free translation in short form.



Commitment of a Federal President and a Chancellor under the Royal Danish Top Management of King Juergen. 

Please, see the complete German letter "Eheversprechen" and let the text be translated into your language.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Mr. W.,

The time presses, it goes on to the end for a possible new beginning and exactly for this reason it  is end with the miscasts in church and politics now.

Where must be put the points for the coming end, my person…………………………………

It may be not watched any longer, which questionable figures move onto the political parquet. This is particularly concerning Italy, but France did not take second place to the BRD!  ........................


For this reason an exemplary function of every politician is for the whole mankind* urgently necessary and for this reason the legislation of the church, carried by the Ten Commandments and by the true Clergy is to be created and to be protected!

                Now end is European-wide with such miscasts at the head.

As actors these ones may still enter the political parquet now, however, the real decisions shall be* made by the true Authority by the commission of the Lord and Creator and by their Representations of the thrice Authority worldwide.**

The "fee" of the mentioned Ex-politicians is reduced please, for the time being indeed to the half and slowly "to shut down", so that these ones also know what the matter is!

Ursula Sabisch


2011 Dec. 26th/ 2020 Nov. 5th

Does`nt it become Time for a clear Word and a clear Direction?

HP: Should be the promise of marriage given before God be really nothing worth anymore?

What about with those ones, which have kept all their life to the promise, although they also did not have the heaven on earth or will have?

Is it even about a high born one as a Federal President or chancellor, who has other rights and duties or is it about somebody, who could make a mark himself by others and could come out now strengthened?

Does it belong already to the visiting card of a successful man nowadays to dress up with young women, while the wife is exchanged for another woman and one has blithely ignored therefore God's will to be able to play quite a big man?

The exchanging of the wedding pairs belongs indeed in the providence of the unique fairy tale, however, not without God's will and help.

My person wishes be finding no men in the top management, whose are able to come off strengthened at the expenses by others, separate men, whose are strong enough by themselves, maybe, even if they are in a weak or tarnished position at the moment!