The World-Cultural-Heritage

  Das Weltkulturerbe


 The World-Cultural-Heritage

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Dog owners care a lot about the health of their pet. Against some diseases, however, one is completely powerless. For example, overbreeding leads to bone problems, and the dogs then have problems mainly with their hips and backs. And we cannot influence blindness in old age either.

Nevertheless, the same applies to these as to all other diseases: A visit to the vet is the safest way to find out about your pet's health. At the first signs, it is best to call your vet immediately.

Disease                 Signs                                              Treatment

Tapeworm              Visible in faeces                             Regular deworming

Food allergy           Skin inflammation with itching,

                               especially on paws, armpits,

                               belly groin and ears                       Complete change of food

Kennel cough barking cough as if the dog had swallowed vaccination and/or antibiotics.


An animal is an animal and must be allowed to remain exclusively an animal!

An animal must not be a substitute for a human being and normally belongs in the wild.

Pets or rather dogs (shepherds) must be kept outside in the kennel and must function exclusively as guard dogs or hunting dogs.

A dog may be used as an aid for disabled people or as a police dog.

All other animal species do not belong in any household, although some animal species will certainly not belong on "God's Earth".

An animal must always be killed by a well-aimed, powerful blow to the head or by a well-aimed shot.

An animal may not be administered any pharmaceuticals and may not be anaesthetised.


This means: An animal has no place but absolutely no place, in the cycle of a human being's life!

December 2016